Voting Limit Has Been Removed

Due to popular demand and the fact that there are just too many great pieces here to narrow it down, we have removed the voting limit of five pieces.

In other words, you can now vote for as many pieces as you like until August 31 when voting closes.

Now you can vote with abandon and click for anything that strikes you.

See updated voting instructions here.

Creativity At It’s Best

As I continue to view the artwork displayed on this site, I realize the amount of creativity that has developed out of each piece. The residents have been given a platform to showcase their talents and explore new avenues of expression.

It’s such a pleasure to work for a company that is truly revolutionizing long term care!

Voting Is Delayed

We are working through a technical issue with the voting mechanism so unfortunately you will not be able to vote until tomorrow, contrary to our update that voting would open today. We will post another update when it is ready, so in the meantime browse the galleries and pick your faves!

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your interest.

Exceeding Expectations

The site has officially received over 500 pieces of artwork! The creative pieces are amazing, and it’s exciting to watch new ones being added today. With great anticipation we are looking forward for voting to open tomorrow, July 30th!

Voting Opens July 30

On Tuesday, July 30 we will open the ballots on the site. You can vote for a total of up to five pieces, in any category or combination of categories, but you can’t vote for the same piece more than once.

There are so many great pieces to choose from, it’s going to be hard to narrow it down. Start bookmarking your faves!

Resident Art Gallery Launching This Week

Signature HealthCARE is excited to launch a companywideReflect N UsArt Gallery Thursday, July 25,2013.This truly unique concept will celebrate artwork created and featured by Signature HealthCARE Residents. These artists have created pieces including paintings, photographs, jewelry and poetry.

The artwork will be displayed throughout the day at each facility along with an artist meet and greet event.Samples of the artwork will be viewable Everyone is encouraged to visit the site, view the pieces and vote for their favorites.

Five winners will have their work reproduced for sale. Proceeds will benefit the Compassion Fund.

Art Galleries Open July 25

We are excited to announce that the first ever synchronized Art Gallery Opening will occur on July 25, 2013, across 79 Signature HealthCARE facilities in seven states, featuring works by Signature residents.

The Opening will feature a live stream from President and CEO Joe Steier. Voting will open after the program and will continue for two weeks.