Summer Wreath

by Barbara Bird
Summer Wreath
Table cloths/items to decorate with/bow
Yellow wreath that is put together ready for hanging.

Barbara Bird

Spring City Care and Rehab

Barbara Bird was born in Memphis, TN, on March 6, 1948. Her mother and father were Joise Ada and D.B. Hall. She has one child, Lee Ann born December 10, 1973. She is a Christian, and said Bible School turned her life around. She is friendly, likes to help wherever needed, evangelistic ready to give her testimony, dependable, and a leader. She enjoys being with others. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday. Her childhood consisted of playing in mud, playing chase, going to camp, playing tic-tac-toe with friends. Her favorite toy as a child was her Raggedy Ann doll that she always pushed around in a stroller. Her favorite subject in school was History. She used to do a lot of volunteer work, helped others is what she enjoys doing and continues to do that even today. She has five grandchildren and one great grandchild. She enjoys arts/crafts, making all kinds of things from cross stitch, embroidery, getting cards signed for all occasions, making jewelry, painting, engraving sketch art. She enjoys UT football, basketball, and Titans football. She likes to stay busy when up, and enjoys outings, senior Olympics, singings, arts/crafts, current events, celebrating holidays.

Here at Spring City Care and Rehab, she enjoys making things for our art show. She also will take cards around (sympathy, get well, birthday) for the staff, residents and residents’ families. She also will volunteer at the Head Start and read to the children and help with crafts. Her most prized volunteer job is collecting donations for the Women’s Care Center. She has collected this being her third year for their cause and each year has raised $500.00.