My Flower Bouquet

by Lois Troxell
My Flower Bouquet
Canvas board, acrylic paints, puzzle pieces from missing puzzles, glue, mod podge, imagination
Lois painted her canvas board to look like spring time. She added flower bouquet puzzle pieces, as she said that she liked flowers a lot. She admired her artwork and said, "Did I do that?..Well, it looks better than I thought it would!" She was proud of herself for making her piece of art.

Lois Troxell

Clinton County Care & Rehabilitation Center

Lois will tell you to "sit down and talk a while", as she loves to ask about how you are doing, she asks about your family, and she is always concerned about others. She loves everyone around her and wears a smile. When you sit down and talk with her, you gain a lot of wisdom from her stories.