Joe's Woodpecker

by Joe Hall
Joe's Woodpecker
Camera, mouth controls
The Downy Woodpecker. These cute little birds love the Suet as they cling to the Suet cage and peck away. I love their black white speckles and cute little faces.

Joe Hall

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After my Spinal Cord Injury I got into photography in 2003 by using a homemade mouth stick to operate a digital camera by having a short tripod mounted to a clipboard which the camera were mounted to the tripod as the camera were to my eye level. I keep a lapboard mounted on top of the arm wrests of my wheelchair with camera, tripod and clipboard on top on the lapboard. I use the mouth stick to make adjustments with camera button settings and use a remote shutter button to push with my write hand. I also have a touch LCD screen on my latest camera which has a touch shutter button I operate with my mouth stick