American Woman Saves the World

by Vickie Wheeler
American Woman Saves the World
cardboard poster, markers, imagination, flags, superhero, comic, decorations.
From our Superhero Summer comes our very own, American Woman with her comic, she made herself all dazzled up to represent just what "American Woman" is all about! Saving America! Here comes American Woman!!!

Vickie Wheeler

Signature HealthCARE of Hart County Rehab & Wellness Center

Vickie, Age 60

Vickie is originally from Park City, KY. She has a huge love for the American Flag and American Flag décor. So when we approached her with our Superhero Summer, she was ecstatic to bring her Flag and red, white and blue love to life and invent “American Woman”. On one of our weekly Superhero adventures, we were challenged to make a comic with our Superhero, so Vickie did just that and it was amazing and became a facility favorite. So she decided to fancy it up and show off her skills.