1864 Covered Bridge

by Joe Hall
1864 Covered Bridge
Paper and Pencil
Pointillism of an old covered bridge in Knights Ferry California built in 1864.

Joe Hall

Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethtown

I have drawn since before I started school of 1st grade. I learned a lot from my mother and Sister who are artists. The older I got the better I could draw. I were in a car accident in 1986 when I were 19 years old and left a Quadriplegic as I had no movement then later gained movement in my arm as I were able to draw again by wearing a drawing splint on my right wrist as the splint held the pen. With no finger nor hand movement the splint allowed me to draw by making line strokes and dots b slowly moving my arm in motions. I quickly mastered a way to draw again as years later I tried the Pointillism method by drawing in dots by tapping the pen on the paper. I were able to draw in better detail with the dots method though it takes longer to draw in dots than limes but the final results look better than drawing in line strokes.